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. . . here be dragons

. . . also faeries, sprites, woodgnomes, writers, gods, goddesses, horses, donkeys (that are sometimes motorbikes), physicists, personal trainers, kings, queens (raving, and I'll thank you not to snicker in that fashion), blacksmiths, swords, lords, doctors, rugby players, salesmen, gay people, straight people, people who aren't people at all as you and I normally use the term, fetishists, aunts, mothers, Mothers, photographers, fags, hags, fag hags, night hags, peat hags, talking rats, chthonic monsters, not-so-chthonic monsters, barrack-room lawyers, Ginnungagap, Pietermaritzburg, points between, soldiers, monks, rugby players, Englishmen, Welshmen, Afrikaners, artists, piss artists (a Britishism, for all our foreign readers - this means heavy drinkers, not a subtle reference to Andres Serrano), lovers, lorry drivers, gender not-so-much-benders-as-complete-manglers, masters, mistresses (of both Space and Time, which takes good organisation, and a lot of stamina), friends, enemies, liars, truthtellers, and people who can tell the difference, creators, destroyers, nurturers, mischief makers, and avengers of mischief.

Did we mention the rugby players?

Oh, and spankings. Lots and lots of spankings, of men. Mainly by men, who fancy men, although the odd variation creeps in (some odder than others, although all the participants are of legal age in their own [and our] jurisdiction, if that worries you; some are Very Old Indeed). Yes, I'm afraid this is one of those sites. If you're liable to a fit of the vapours, are a child, or just childish, then we suggest you leave now and go and have a nice lie down to get over it.

There. I thought they'd never go, didn't you?

Come on in then, and enjoy the stories.


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