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Well, you know, sometimes we do have something to say that won't quite fit in that little space at the bottom of the page after the latest update. And Cobweb, who has a Tidy Mind, thinks that it might be useful to keep a running list of what was updated when for those Constant Readers who aren't as Constant as all that, and haven't been back for months (you know who you are, and you needn't think we're rolling over to have our tummies tickled just because you - oh, well, maybe just this once). But I'm definitely not going back into the pre-2007 past. That's Work, and Gnomes don't do Work.

So this is a sort of occasional notes and comments page, with Useful and Improving Observations for the Edification of the Common Reader, and also the Uncommon Reader, of whom, we are proud to say, we have lots.

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Some people apparently worry about things like where the Fran and Nick stories fit into the timeline of the Team Trials universe (or the Muddied Oafs, as Cobweb will refer to them in a fit of exasperation). The Gnome thinks that this means that some people don't get out enough, or at least don't get spanked enough, but as I said, Cobweb has a Tidy Mind. So this is what she says:

All right, we might as well admit to it: the rugby players got away from us a bit. There was one story about Viper de Vries. We weren't sure that we liked him: he seemed a bit scary. There was one story about Hansie; unfortunately it seemed to require another one, and suddenly there was not only the Viper, but also Fran Milton. She had started off quite cheerfully on her own; she admitted to being acquainted with some rugby players but not to knowing them well. Next thing we knew, they were all having dinner together, telling each other secrets, telling us secrets, looking out for one another and generally taking over our lives. Never mind, we thought, that just means that we have two sets of stories running.

Only the stories have a dreadful tendency to interlink, and things that happen in one series have consequences in the other, rather the way it happens in Reality, and someone new and of a nervous disposition, could, the Viper told us, become Very Confused about What Happened When and to Whom. We, not being entirely stupid, realised that he was telling us this so that we could do something about it.

So we have done, and he can stop Looking at us that way. Constant Reader will find it easier to follow what's going on if the explanations come in some sort of sensible order, and it goes like this:

Fran's first and second stories, 'October' and 'Picture This' are independent of 'Team Trials'. Her third, 'Under Investigation' comes any time after TT 'Wilful Damage' and any time before 'Sed Quod Amem'. 'Nicked' comes after 'Foreign Aid of Adornment'; then 'Rewards But No Fairies', 'Debriefing', and 'Brother-in-Law' come any time before TT 'Coach and Four'. 'Copper Bottomed' comes after 'As The Sparks Fly Upwards', and then 'Drowning In Cream' and 'If You Go Down To The Woods Today' come together any time before TT 'Implementing Changes'.

'Making A Mark' comes after TT 'Sunday, Bloody Sunday'; 'Good With His Hans' comes after 'Reach Out And Touch Someone'; 'The Spice Route' comes after TT 'The Cane Mutiny'.

There. Does that help?



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