Longong, long ago, in the Second Age of Middle Earth. . . no, that won't do, I'm sure someone has already used that. OK, let's try this. According to the Gnome, and I would treat anything he says with, at the very least, a pinch of salt, and preferably an entire salt mine, everything is Story. All the many Realities are part of the Story the Universe is telling Herself, in order to see how it comes out.

Part of that Story involves the Gnome, and Cobweb the Spank Fairy, and their various friends, enemies, lovers, associates, and patrons. It all started so innocently, when Cobweb thought it polite to introduce herself and her job, in 'Fairy Tale', and progressed without much sign of what was to come, as the unfortunate stripling Luc was (mis)guided by the unsympathetic Woodgnome and sorted out with her usual brisk efficiency by a Cobweb with other things on her mind. Who was to know that it would end with sackings, castrations, unwanted pregnancies, primaeval monstrosities, meddling with the flow of Reality and the boundaries of Faery, and some really, really unforgiveable puns? And more Capitals than there are weeds in the Gnome's garden (but that's because we don't do capital punishment. Only corporal). Oh, and lots of spankings, of course. That goes without saying.

Here then, for your edification and delight, Hic Draconis are proud to present the interminable saga of Otherwhen.

The Prologue - Fairy Tale


Postscript - Hunting the Wren

Prescript (Time travel is a funny thing) - Grandpa Gwyn and the Gift

Postpostscript - Batteries Not Included

Urbane Myths - more from the magical world of Otherwhen. And you wondered why they were called fairy stories. . .



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