Team Trials

or the adventures of Hansie van den Broek and friends

The Gnome stoutly maintains that these stories are all Cobweb's fault, even though he is a willing and complicit partner in their conception - he wrote the first of Hansie's adventures, and like Topsy they just growed. But it was Cobweb who found Hansie drinking alone in the bar in her head where characters come, and who felt sorry for him. Why, given that this was the case, she should have thought it kind to send him to the Gnome, Goddess only knows. However, we soon discovered that he was well known to some other characters of hers, and the lot of them have just taken over in a quite ridiculous fashion. We are going to have to put a stop to it, we really are. Only the Gnome has such a weakness for rugby players. . .

Naturally, Cobweb's recollection of how we got here is slightly different. The Gnome didn't write the first of these tales, she did (the Gnome claims this is a prequel, and doesn't count because Hansie wasn't in it). Piet de Vries was the very first of these people, but he made such a meal of telling her his story that she locked him in a dark folder for six months to come to his senses. Hansie was introduced to the bar by Piet, and she sent him to the Gnome in the misplaced hope of keeping both of them out of trouble while she spent a week in Reality. She doesn't approve of either of them drinking alone. Hansie isn't supposed to be the hero, and when she has a moment to sort out both him and the Gnome, There Will Be Some Changes Made. Anyway, whoever heard of sexy rugby players? Cricketers, yes, but rugby players? She denies categorically writing any of these specifically to amuse the Gnome. And she huffs about them creeping into Fran's stories, and having to sort out the timeline...


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